75 minutes | 3-5 players

Le Fléau du Druide

While carrying out work in our cellar, we discovered a wall engraved with a Gallic text. Since then, sinister rumblings chill the blood of those who approach. The expert who was studying it, certain to have found the entrance to the tomb of a terrifying druid, has disappeared.
Help us find him, a fantastic adventure in the disturbing world of a forgotten mythology awaits you!
This mission is not recommended for children under 15, claustrophobic people and pregnant women.




60 minutes | 2-6 players

Opération Balkans

In a small town located in the Balkans, a scientist named Raditchkov just created an infinite source of energy.
Amazing! …Or is it?
The DGSE* suspects him of being in contact with multiple arms dealers nearby, and his findings could soon become a tremendous weapon.
Leaving those findings in the wrong hands is impossible!
You have been hired for this specific mission, the world’s stability depends on you!
* French secret services

(The puzzles that you will discover in this mission have been imagined for adults, nevertheless children from 12 to 15 years old can play accompanied by an adult.)

60 minutes | 2-6 players

Cannibal Island

A centuries-old myth tells the story of a Cannibal Wizard. According to that myth, he hid a fabulous treasure in the middle of a sanctuary on an island lost in the pacific.
After years of research, famous archeologist Marc Haulabois finally finds it. Instead of ruins, he comes across an untouched sanctuary where black magic remains.
What if the wizard still has adepts?
Marc Haulabois discovers that some rituals prevent anyone from accessing the treasure.
He decides to build a team of adventurers ready to take any risk in order to help him get to it.
Are you ready?
Beware, summoning evil forces is not without its dangers…

(As some elements of the game may shock young players, this mission is not recommended for children under 15 years old.)